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Comité Noviembre Poster

" Puerto Rico is not for sale. It is loved, protected, and defended! "

The Comité Noviembre annual poster is the artistic rendition of our theme. Over the years, the poster has become an educational tool for educators and community organizations during November Puerto Rican Heritage Month. The posters are in high demand and become a collector’s item because of its limited-edition status. The poster is distributed throughout the New York tri-state area and available to all attendees of the our Comité Noviembre events.



Through the years Comité Noviembre has identified a theme highlighting an issue of relevance to the Puerto Rican community. Through these themes, Comité Noviembre has promoted the celebration of Puerto Rican culture and the achievements of the Puerto Rican community while also raising consciousness about the issues affecting our community. Each of the artists commissioned as the creative energy and catalyst behind Comité Noviembre, have enabled us to complete our goal of motivating and mobilizing individuals and community into action in addressing these issues and telling our story.




Each year Comité Noviembre commissions a Puerto Rican artist to design the annual poster to promote and inform the public about Puerto Rican Heritage Month and to create an artistic expression of the annual theme.


Comité Noviembre is proud of the collaboration it has forged with an amazing group of talented artists throughout 37 years. These men and women are truly exceptional, not only in their creative talents as teachers, preservers, promoters, and keepers of our Puerto Rican culture and history but also in their charitable, volunteer, and pro bono work to assist the poor, children with cancer and AIDS, individuals with breast cancer, and the homeless.



(Alphabetical order by first name, followed by year of poster.)

  • David Santiago (1999, 2017)

  • Ernesto Ramos Nieves (1991, 1992) (deceased) 

  • Joaquin Emir Dávila Matos (2000, 2002)

  • Juan Sanchez (1995, 2012, 2020) 

  • Karla Paola Martínez Figueroa (2018) 

  • Luis Cordero Santoni (1989 ) 

  • Maestro Antonio Martorell (2007) 

  • Maestro Jose Buscaglia (2014)

  • Maria Dominguez (1994, 1997, 2016)

  • Molly Crabapple (2019)

  • Nestor Otero (1987, 1988, 1990) (deceased)

  • Nitza Tufiño (2015)

  • Pedro Brull (2010) 

  • Ray Rosario (2003, 2004, 2006, 2013)

  • Wilda Gonzalez (2011)

CN_2023_Journal Cover.jpg

2023 Comité Noviembre Poster by Garvin Sierra

To purchase the poster visit our SHOP.

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