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The 2024 Dr. Evelina Antonetty Scholarship for Community Activism

Youth Leadership Development


Dr. Evelina Antonetty

Dr. Evelina Antonetty was many things to many different people: generous and caring neighbor, labor organizer, meticulous strategist, master diplomat, and tactician who could analyze any situation and move people thoughtfully and spiritually, a charismatic advocate of bilingual education and parents’ rights, mentor to a cadre of young people who would impact New York in the arts, politics, and social service; and she was a patriot. 


Indeed, she was a force to be reckoned with, one of the most effective and impactful leaders of the Puerto Rican diaspora of the twentieth century. She started her public life as a union organizer and aide to progressive elected officials. Then, as a mother, she immersed herself in parental oversight of schools and founded United Bronx Parents, a parent advocacy agency that gained national attention serving as a model for other efforts from coast to coast. Evelina Antonetty lived through perhaps the most pivotal period in Puerto Rican history, often acting as one of the principal movers and agents of change in her time.


The Comité Noviembre Evelina Antonetty Scholarship for Community Activism is awarded to a young person aged 17 to 27, who has volunteered, advocated, or has taken action to affect change in the Puerto Rican/Hispanic community for more than five years consecutively in the areas of social, humanitarian, or social justice issues.

The scholarship winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship.

  • The Dr. Evelina Antonetty Scholarship for Community Activism is open to graduating High School seniors and college students

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  • All Scholarships are administered by Comité Noviembre

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Lisa M. Rodriguez

Co-Chair, Comité Noviembre Scholarship Selection Committee
(347) 693-6893,


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