The Ernesto Malave Scholarship for the Arts

Youth Leadership Development


Ernesto Malave


Ernesto Malave was the Vice Chancellor for Budget and Finance at The City University of New York, whose bottom line was keeping CUNY affordable for the most economically vulnerable of students.  In 2005, Mr. Malave was instrumental in making the Annual Comité Noviembre Artisans Fair a reality by providing funding and resources. In 2016, in his honor, Comité Noviembre established the Ernesto Malave Scholarship for the Arts for his contribution, support, and commitment to making the National Puerto Rican Artisans Fair & Book Expo a reality.


This scholarship recognizes Puerto Ricans pursing a higher education majoring in the arts. The candidates must be majoring in any of the following artistic disciplines: literature, performing arts, media arts, or visual arts.  The award will promote the advancement of new artists and invest in their continued growth by support for their ongoing education and artistic development.



Lisa M. Rodriguez

Co-Chair, Comité Noviembre Scholarship Selection Committee
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