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 Comité Noviembre Poster Artist
Sara Morales

Puerto Rico Indestructible


Comité Noviembre's 2021 theme, Puerto Rico Indestructible seeks to convey that although Puerto Ricans have gone through an economic downfall, the devastation of Hurricane María, multiple earthquakes, and a worldwide pandemic we are still here! Standing proud, resilient, defiant, and powerful, doing everything we can to assist our fellow Puerto Ricans whether here or on the island. As our theme exemplifies: we are taking our destiny into our hands, and in that moment of chaos we must believe that anything is possible and together, united, we will achieve: no podran destruir nuestra fe, poder, somos indestructible.


Artist Sara Morales states, “I envision a poster that artistically shows the movement of a hurricane, earthquake, and pandemic as a whirlwind of sorts moving towards a powerful image of our people and their resilience and power, to the change that must happen in this country to achieve respect, equality, and justice for all people of color, but specifically the eight million Puerto Ricans that live on the island and the United States. It demands action from the Diaspora. Each one of us needs to be fully engaged and active in demanding and achieving justice for Puerto Rico.”  


Each year Comité Noviembre commissions a Puerto Rican artist to design the annual poster to promote and inform the public about Puerto Rican Heritage Month and to create an artistic expression of the annual theme.


Sara Morales is a New York City born artist of Puerto Rican heritage. Her life experiences from her time in El Barrio, the Bronx, and La Isla del Encanto has shaped much of her work. Her life-long love affair with art began at a very early age, winning an art scholarship while still in grade school.

She would later graduate from the High School of Art & Design. She expanded her palate with additional art training at Hostos Community College, the 92nd Street Y, and the Bronx River Art Center. In 2009, Sara and Vivian Lipman-Denis joined forces and founded Saviana Arts, where they put to canvas the culture of their beloved Puerto Rican and Nuyorican heritage. Much of their work chronicles the humanity of their families’ traditions.  They continue to apply their medium as their respective journeys into their cultural selves take them to different times, places and experiences.  Sara Morales is a member of The Puerto Rican Institute for the Development of the Arts (PRIDA).

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Sara Morales

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2021 Comité Noviembre Poster by Sara Morales.