Official Merchandise

By purchasing Comité Noviembre Official Merchandise and donating to Comité Noviembre, you will be supporting all of our scholarships: Comité Noviembre Scholarship for Volunteerism, The Richie Perez Scholarship for Peace and Justice, The Ernesto Malave Scholarship for the ArtsThe Josefina Aguado Scholarship for Single Parents. and The Figueroa Sisters Scholarship. (All Scholarships are administered by Comité Noviembre.) To purchase our official merchandise below, download order forms and email Teresa A. Santiago directly.  To donate to a specific scholarship visit our donate page. 



available for purchase: 

   $5.00  Each poster image is 8x11  

 $20.00   Framed 11x14

$135.00  Complete collection (31 images unframed)


Download the Poster Images 1987-2017 Order Form

Check each image you wish to purchase and specify quantity,

email the form back to:


Download Poster, Mask, ID Holder Order Form


For more information contact:

Teresa A. Santiago

(914) 263-6599

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