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Past Spokespeople

Each year for Puerto Rican Heritage Month, Comité Noviembre selects a person that is making a difference in this country, empowering others, and shaping, not only our future as Puerto Ricans, but the future of all Americans.

  • 2021: Gilberto Gabriel, Actor, Visual Artist, Singer/Musician; Ralina Miriam Cardona, Founder, Acrescendo.

  • 2020: Teresa A. Santiago, Chairwoman, Comité Noviembre

  • 2019:  Marcos A. Rivera Sánchez, Executive Director, Ministerio Buen Samaritano, (Good Samaritan Ministry) MARC

  • 2018:  Christine Nieves and Luis Rodríguez Sánchez, Co-founders, Projecto de Apoyo Mutuo Mariana

  • 2017:  Stephanie Llanes, Bertha Justice Institute Fellow, Center for Constitutional Rights, Government Misconduct Racial Justice

  • 2016:  Richard Colón, Crazy Legs, Founder, Rock Steady Crew

  • 2015: JW Cortés, Activist and Actor, Gotham

  • 2014:  Johnny Lozada, Host, Univision’s Despierta América!

  • 2013:  Marybeth Melendez, Graduate Student, College of Staten Island,
    Hurricane Sandy Volunteer

  • 2012:  Juan González, author, journalist, columnist, New York Daily News and co-host Democracy Now!

  • 2011:  Lisette Nieves, Belle Zeller Distinguished Visiting Professor in Public   Policy, CUNY & Social Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Blue Ridge Foundation

  • 2010:  Olga Tañon, Grammy Award Winner and Latin Pop Artist

  • 2009: Jesús Omar Rivera, El Boricuazo, Historian and author

  • 2008:  Melina León, singer/entertainer

  • 2007:  Ana Ortiz, actress and co-star, Ugly Betty

  • 2006:  Daisy Martinez, Chef, Entrepreneur, and Host of Daisy Cooks

  • 2005:  Frankie Negron, Salsa entertainer

  • 2004:  Tito Nieves, Salsa sensation

  • 2003:  Danny Rivera, Renown singer

  • 2002:  Admiral Richard H. Carmona, MD, MPH, FACS, US Surgeon General Commander, USPHS

  • 2001:  Daniel Rodriguez, NYPD Officer and Tenor

  • 2000: Dave Valentin, Internationally acclaimed Salsa Jazz musician

  • 1999:  “Tito” Felix Trinidad, Welter Weight Champion of the world

  • 1998:  Rosie Perez, Actress and AIDS Activist

  • 1997:  Tito Puente, The “King of Latin Music”

  • 1996:  Jimmy Smits, Actor

  • 1995:  Lauren Velez, Actress and India, Salsa singer 

  • 1994:  Luis Guzman, Actor and Community Activist

  • 1993:  Antonia Novello, former Surgeon General of the United States

  • 1992:  Fernando Ferrer, Bronx Borough President,  and  Dr. Joseph A. Fernandez, NYC Public School Chancellor

  • 1991:  Malin Falú, Radio Talk Show Host

  • 1990:  Willie Colón, Musician and AIDS Activist

2014 CN Gala.png

2014 Comité Noviembre Gala.  For more images click here.

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