The Richie Pérez Scholarship for Peace & Justice

Youth Leadership Development

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Richie Pérez


In 2004, the Puerto Rican community lost an ally, advocate, community leader, and urban warrior. Richie Pérez was a beloved activist and leader in the fight for social justice and human rights, which included the struggle for racial justice and against police brutality, Puerto Rican independence and universal human rights. Richie wrote and lectured extensively on the Puerto Rican urban experience and as a professor in the CUNY system taught classes in mass media, U.S. social policy and the history of the labor and civil rights movements. Richie believed greatly in the power and potential of young people to create social change. He personally mentored many youths and believed that the torch of the movement for justice had to be passed on to the next generation.


In 2005, in his memory, Comité Noviembre established the Richie Pérez Scholarship Award which recognizes Puerto Rican young people for their commitment, activism, and achievements in the areas of human rights and social justice. This scholarship promotes the advancement of new leaders in the movement for peace and justice and provides support for their education and political development.


Lisa M. Rodriguez

Co-Chair, Comité Noviembre Scholarship Selection Committee

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