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Comité Noviembre Scholarship Awards Program

Comité Noviembre’s scholarship campaign was launched to identify more opportunities for the community to sponsor scholarships in an individual’s name, family’s name, or in memory or honor of a loved one.  Comité Noviembre requests a  commitment of $1,000 per year for five years, which will allow Comité Noviembre to sponsor additional scholars for five years. This commitment allows the donor to choose the parameters of the scholarship they choose to sponsor.  

Since its inception Comité Noviembre has developed programs geared to the support of educational opportunities and leadership development for Puerto Rican and Hispanic youth. These programs are firmly rooted in the belief that, in order to succeed in life, one must pursue a higher education, give back to one's community through volunteer efforts, and know one's cultural roots.  Each one of our over 330 scholars are making an impact in the communities in which they live.


Our scholars continue to honor this tradition of giving back to their community and making a clear impact and difference through their volunteer efforts. Comité Noviembre is extremely excited about the future of our community and our young people. The caliber of students who have applied for and ultimately received the scholarship, have demonstrated a desire to pursue their chosen fields and have given back to the community in various ways that directly affect change. Many have shown a vision and maturity beyond their years; and there are others who have already faced and have overcome many challenges.


This year’s recipients are all making a difference in their community. We have been inspired by these scholars and are learning from their community service. In total, 23 scholarships have been awarded: 10 Comité Noviembre Scholarships for Volunteerism, five Richie Perez Scholarships for Peace and Justice, six Ernesto Malave Scholarship for the Arts, and two Josefina Aguado for Single Parents Scholarships.  (Click on each item below to learn how to apply or donate to one of our scholarships.)

Meet the 2022 Scholarship Recipients:

Read about our scholars in the 2023 Commemorative Journal


Lisa M. Rodriguez

Co-Chair, Comité Noviembre Scholarship Selection Committee

(347) 693-6893,

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