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Boricua College is currently hosting the Comite Noviembre Traveling Poster Exhibit

Guest at the CN Traveling Poster Exhibit Opening Ceremoney reflects on her connection to the posters

Comite Noviembre's Educational, Cultural and Humanitarian Trip 2024



Tuesday, August 20, 2024 - Wednesday, August 28, 2024


Event Registration below:

Comite Noviembre 2024 Event registration - Google Forms

Traveler's agreement and Traveler's emergency contact information

Comite Noviembre’s Scholars Corner

George Daniel is one of Comite Noviembre's 2023 scholars. He attends Monroe College in New Rochelle, New York. George participated in the Culinary Institute of New York Competition and received the Silver Medal for participation in an ACF Sanctioned Culinary Competition on December 2, 2023. Students compete not against each other, but for themselves. They compete in their skills. Medals are given after each student's dish is judged by the judges, on the taste and presentation of the dish. Below he is pictured with his father George Santiago and his mother Maria Diaz Santiago.

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Comité Noviembre is a non-profit organization whose mission is to commemorate and acknowledge all aspects of Puerto Rican life from the social and cultural to the educational, economic, and political. 

Message from the Chairwoman – Teresa A. Santiago

As we commemorate our thirty-seventh year of celebrating, promoting, educating, and acknowledging, Puerto Rican culture, history and people and the outstanding contributions and impact on this nation and world, we ask, “Where is the respect?”

Our theme this year, “Puerto Rico no se vende, se ama se protege y se defiende…Puerto Rico is not for sale. It is loved, protected, and defended” continues to be a call to action for all Puerto Ricans, the Diaspora specifically who have the power to affect change by their vote! There are local elections this year and national elections next November – we want respect and change for our communities here and in Puerto Rico -we need to vote.

Thirty-seven Years and Counting…

Established in 1987, Comité Noviembre is a nonprofit organization that commemorates and pays tribute to the contributions Puerto Ricans have made to this nation. It supports educational opportunities for youth through college scholarships, promotes, acknowledges, creates awareness, and takes ownership of our rich culture, language, and history. Comité Noviembre creates open forums to discuss critical issues affecting the Puerto Rican community— specifically in the areas of education, youth leadership development, health, politics, and civic involvement. Comité Noviembre seeks to institutionalize November as Puerto Rican Heritage Month throughout the United States which it has successfully done for the past 37 years.  

Comité Noviembre is the only collaboration of its kind in the United States that brings together the collective talents and resources of the following Puerto Rican organizations: ASPIRA of New YorkCentro de Estudios Puertorriqueños at Hunter College (CUNY)El Museo del BarrioEugenio Maria de Hostos Community College (CUNY)Institute for the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Elderly (IPR/HE)La Casa de la Herencia Cultural PuertorriqueñaLa Fundación Nacional para la Cultura PopularJustice Committee: NCPRRPuerto Rican Institute for the Development of the Arts (PRIDA), and The White Plains Puerto Rican Cultural Committee.


This coordinating body plans and promotes Comité Noviembre’s annual programs and events. With the continued network support of past members like Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education, Centro de El Puente, LatinoJustice: PRLDEF, Música de Camara, National Conference of Puerto Rican Women (NACOPRW), and National Institute for Latino Policy, Comité Noviembre has the combined network and outreach potential of over 800,000 people through its member lists and internet capabilities.

The charge of Comité Noviembre is to create awareness of our rich culture, language, and heritage and to acknowledge and take ownership of it every day, but specifically during the month of November. Because of Comité Noviembre, November is our month to discuss all aspects and issues of our community with respect, objectivity, and pride.

Siempre p'alante,

Teresa A. Santiago


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